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Our audios make use of dual (stereo) isochronic tones which are designed to amplify the desired frequencies in the brainwave classifications chart. Isochronic refers to a single pulsed or rhythmic tone that turns on and off in a cyclical motion. Isochronic tones are advantageous over binaural beats because the use of stereo headphones is not required for the benefits of brainwave entrainment.

We recommend in the beginning to work with one volume at a time, as the key to benefits is daily usage.

Eventually, you may even find yourself accessing deeper brainwave states on your own … without the help of the audios. This should be your eventual goal. For now, a simple CD or MP3 playlist can be seen as your catalyst to begin.

Upon starting a daily listening schedule, some of you may feel temporary discomfort at first. This is often expected in many cases, because the dual isochronic audio stimulation increases blood flow to the brain.

However, if you happen to be suffering from illness or disease, whether known or unknown to you … you may start to experience feelings akin to herxheimer reactions with repeated listenings due to the ‘ultrasonic cleaning’ effect. This will entirely depend on the listener’s overall state of health and may require breaks from listening more frequently when first starting.

Another word of caution: These audios are not recommended for pregnant mothers, while driving, or for those with a history of epilepsy. This is due to the photic driving phenomenon which, for purposes of audio, acts like a sonic strobe light.

If any discomfort persists, it is recommended to seek a physician before attempting to listen to our audios. If you have a clear bill of health, then it might be best to just take your time, ‘ease’ into the daily listening schedule, even if you simply start every other day. In that case we would suggest starting with 10-15 minutes of listening every other day, and working gradually towards listening to an entire audio session.

A recommended program would be to listen to one full audio session, once a day, for a minimum of 23 days. 23 days is apparently the number of days it is said to take for growing new neural pathways in the brain (therefore a threshold to experience positive, noticeable changes).

After the first 23 days, it is then suggested to let the body rest and readjust itself for the remainder of the month. Begin the next month with a new audio session. You could also pick sessions at random every day based on how you feel, or for specific purposes (ie., looking to increase energy or studying for a test).

Once you find your own rhythm you will start to see the benefits for yourself. You just need a bit of patience, discipline, and time.

*Although headphones for listening are not required, they may be suggested simply due to the vibrations amplifying the body in a direct manner.

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