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Why does playing a musical instrument accelerate developmental abilities in children?



Daily practice, over a period of time increases focus and concentration and trains the body to perform in a more coherent manner. The physics behind it is the not-so-obvious answer, and involves a familiar phrase that you might see used in many audio products. The term ‘hemi-sync’ which is shorthand for hemisphere synchronization. The left and right lobes of the brain naturally start phasing together, in concert so to speak, as we practice for greater control and reflexive action.

Each hemisphere of our brain is constantly generating frequencies which can be measured independently. Brain waves can be seen in real time oscillating either in or out of phase together between the two lobes at any moment. The nature of the electrical activity is dependent on everything from overall health, state of mind, feelings, and whether we are awake or asleep (a measurable example would be REM cycles).

Synchronized Wave Coherence. The first key biological principle to understand is the more coherent our brainwave pattern, the more our brain hemispheres naturally start to synchronize. Likewise, when brainwaves begin to sync together they will start to cohere in phase. This establishes a degree of overall field effect generated locally, which is measurable. Let’s quickly visualize what an electrical field effect produced might look like with the following before & after exercise:

The above can help us understand the ramifications behind the following article on how researchers can control their colleague’s motions via a brain-to-brain interface.

Harmonic Resonance. This second principle is a term that musicians are quite familiar with. The key to understanding this principle is the more coherent the brainwave pattern, the more harmonically resonant it becomes, therefore amplifying the overall field effect generated.

Now let’s relate harmonics directly to how it affects biology. In so doing we may rediscover this relationship our ancient ancestors recognized. Specifically, how it is our biological geometry complements precisely with the Golden Ratio found throughout nature. Now if you haven’t already heard, it’s a completely irrational number just like it’s other friend Pi. Except here we add an H in the middle and call it Phi, which starts with 1.618 and repeats infinitely. Phi ratio also happens to produces the Fibonacci spiral which many sacred geometry lovers are likely familiar with. The Fibonacci starts with 1 and adds itself unto itself. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13… and so on.

When a musical note, or a feeling is resonant with the body you can feel it. Now think of this now in terms of expanding the capacitance, like the capacitance of a battery. This expansion is what similarly occurs while learning and practicing a musical instrument. That by increasing our overall brainwave coherence, over time we create a greater state of harmonic resonance within the physical body.

Not just the physical body of course, but also our surroundings and external environment that allows us to be more in sync, or in tune with the flow of life. Creating harmonic resonance further allows for a greater volume of electrical activity (see the article Physics Behind Resonance and the Bruce Lee study here). This increased capacitance allows for greater levels of Chi flow through the meridians of the body, allowing the mind to play more complex musical pieces, the body to run longer races and achieve miraculous feats.

We can do this naturally, by the way. It’s a mechanism by which we gain a greater degree of control over our body’s operations. Increased Chi flow is the same force used by a distressed mother to lift a car off of her baby. Think of your favorite sports athletes when they are ‘in the zone’. It’s the same for Olympic contenders, or even playing zen golf. We can look at Tiger Wood’s winning streak in the golf world years back for more evidence that mind over matter is quite a real phenomenon.

Time to revisit those snowflakes again. I said we would right? So by now you might have figured out the longer your mind absorbs the visual sacred geometry of the snowflake, the more coherent your brainwave activity becomes. Now let’s add another level of visualization now, because that snowflake is an equivalent to the function of an artist’s mandala wheel.

Above: Sri Yantra

If converting a mandala wheel into sound, it becomes a healing vector in addition to its pleasant appearance. Early civilizations around the world once created mandalas, from Tibetans and sand mandalas to Native Americans and medicine wheels, to the ancient Flower of Life symbols found around the world.

Synchronization Examples. To continue, let’s demonstrate the phenomenon of brainwave synchronization in action. Here are a few examples of how frequencies as vibration can be transmitted to synchronize and cohere between people, places, and objects:

A mother and child’s heartbeats will synchronize together during pregnancy.

The hearts of two lovers will naturally cohere together when frequencies begin to phase.

Two pendulum clocks placed near each other will start synchronizing (more on that later).

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External And Internal Wave Modifications on Biological Fields.

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Electrical activity produced in the brain has predictable characteristics, whether modulated by internal or external means. Our brainwave patterns can be seen to ‘light up’ in activity, as you saw in the picture above, and certain regions of the brain are traditionally associated with positive or negative stimulus and response.

Negative potentials. Electrical activity may indicate out of phase alignment and is dissonant; the musical correlation of a minor second interval is a perfect example. The relationship serves as a destructive force, and one of the personifications of that force can be seen in the ancient Hindu god Kali. A statue in front of CERN headquarters sends the world quite the message, doesn’t it … namely that “we smash atoms together in search of the God particle but might create a few black wholes along the way”. That’s according to their official reasoning for building a particle accelerator of course.

It’s like the saying just because we can doesn’t mean we should, which points to lack of conscience in the scientific field. Whether it’s the inability to possess necessary emotional intelligence, or lack of compassion required to handle powers beyond human control, ithe ancient tales of Atlantis seem to echo this notion about improper use of technology by the spiritually immature and ignorant.

Of course, that also leads into the subject of nefarious abuse of knowledge and technology for personal gain. Whether through oppression of conditioning by way of chaos, the cause and effect leads to population complacency, mind control, and other associated negative patterns.

In terms of health, think about anyone who lives anywhere under or near high-power electric lines … and what studies show happens over time (cancers). Or consider how TV programming made a switch from analog to digital signals years ago. Consider also how waves of media marketing and subliminal advertising happen daily as previously mentioned. We do live in a sea full of electronic communications, bathing in Wi-Fi, cell tower traffic, all of which composes a chaotic cacaphony of EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution.

Positive potentials. Thankfully, music has the power to affect and even negate EMF pollution! Whether it’s simply listening to or playing harmonic audio frequencies with headphones, or listening to music that you LOVE … because the field generated within while you listen. Ultimately, the most powerful music is that which is in harmony with natural law; that which is harmonic with the golden ratio and likewise harmonic with our biology.

When we say ‘practice makes perfect’, we are also talking about health, wellness, strength, focus, concentration that results from exercise. Doing this naturally, the added benefits of the field effect include shielding biology from external negative potentials listed above.It’s like getting a free earthing mat from Amazon;)

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From within, we may modulate our state of being for sickness and health, imbalance or balance. Our overall state of health determines the type of modification needed to adjust for optimal health. This directly involves your personal level of willpower, your inner strength and ability to relax with meditational into a restful state of being (so that the body CAN heal). Creating coherence within mind body and soul is how we are able to strike at the root.

Negative potentials. In cases where an individual is subjected to a health condition, imbalance may be present due to past traumatic experiences and PTSD, for example. Other factors might start externally but contribute over time, such as radiation and heavy metal accumulation which get physically trapped in the body. Chelation is often used in such cases to rid the body of toxins.

Positive potentials. This area reaches more into Dr. Emoto’s water experiments and the power of prayer. Instead of particles, we want to visualize waves. When we consider how plasma movements occur through our prayers, and how with compassion from our hearts, and by way of meditation in seeking the Kingdom Within (Luke 17:21) with a transformed heart (repentant) that loves.

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The Bio-EM Field: A Primer.

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The bio-electromagnetic field is another way of describing the field effect generated by the entire body and measurable with Kirlian photography. Any sustained harmonic resonance produced in the body will strengthen the individual’s waking field effect over time. This field effect from ancient times has been referred to as the Merkaba, which looks like a three dimensional Star of David. When spinning in three dimensions, this field effect appears as a toroidal structure. It was also associated with being a form of transport, as “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, and “Ba” means body.

The electrical signals the body gives off are the ‘effect’ of internal modifications we make through our love, our will, and our feelings. During meditation, the brain waves become longer, dropping in hertz rate (see the Brainwave Classifications page).

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“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” – Psalm 46:10 KJV

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The more we reflect this into our external world, the more we can create Heaven on Earth, literally, and doing so with a full understanding that we are an expression of, and expressing Life through and with our Creator.


  • “Our thoughts and emotions shape our minds as they stimulate the formation of thought networks (neural pathways) in our brains, which either reinforce old pathways or initiate new ones. In the same way our muscles bulk up with exercise, our neurons bulk up the more we think. So what we think becomes biology; biology is genes, hormones, neurons and electromagnetic systems and all the complex interactions between them. These interactions in turn produce the words and actions we speak and perform. Our genes are being changed moment by moment by the environment of our thoughts and feelings as well as the environment of our families, homes, work, friends and where we live.”

    - Dr. Caroline Leaf -

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