11 Jun 2011

In The Beginning: A New Garden

If you’ve ever managed a garden, you might know to obtain the healthiest plants, the right balance of ingredients is essential. Sunlight, water, nutrients & minerals, pH balance, and timing, to name a few. Well search engine optimization (SEO) is really no different in the virtual landscape; you’re dealing with exact formulas and mixtures in order to achieve the best results.

Is your property fertile?

Location, location, location. Real estate in which you plant (virtual real estate = domains and hosting) end up determining the types of plants you can grow. In our analogy, we can refer to web properties which make up the ‘satellite’ network around you. Everything from social media sites, blogs, article directories, forums, etc.

Starting with keyword analysis and what’s available for sale, you can pick up some virtual property. Then it comes down to your intentions, and how you will plant your garden. Where will you decide to add satellite properties? Where will the back-links come from? Where do they point to?

How relevant are these satellite sites, and do they feature content relevant to the intentions of what you wish to be planting? As with any garden, it’s beneficial to create ‘symbiosis’ by choosing complementary plants to share your garden space with. Similarly, when linking different types of websites together, you can yield more favorable results when there is value provided.

Have patience at first.

A garden doesn’t bloom into harvest overnight. Impatience leads to over-fertilizing and ‘burning’ your plants (in other words, a website will be sand-boxed or worse yet, de-indexed which may destroy your valuable network building. By continuously administering a balanced regimen of sunlight, water, and nutrients over the garden’s life cycle, and in the right order at the right times, your plants will prime to yield maximum harvest fruits. Similarly, when your network starts to bring to you a daily stream of visitors from newly acquired rankings in the search engines?  You will begin to see just how much of a virtue patience really is.

Receiving the harvest.

When the time comes, how do you expand your business to accept the influx in new customers?

Let’s consider carefully customer fulfillment. You plan in advance for the increase in traffic … fully expecting it will arrive. Whether a rising tide or tsunami we prepare accordingly. Making sure to provide a way to opt-in for future communications is key to building your growth network.

Saving the seeds.

So what do the seeds represent? Maybe the formula for success itself? Maybe any future ‘new gardens’ you may decide to plant? Let’s paraphrase a 2000 year old seed analogy. That not every seed dropped will always take root, but of those that do, and upon fertile ground can expect abundance to be multiplied. Keep that in mind as you begin planting.