28 Sep 2013

Next Animal Up? The Google Hummingbird Update

Well, one thing is for sure. Plenty of species to choose from for naming the latest algorithm update. This time, however, the Google Hummingbird update is not just a small tweak … it’s more of an engine overhaul. See below for a good write-up on what just (silently) took place over the last few weeks:


The basic summary here? The update reaffirms the old adage ‘Content is King’ and slightly modifies it to ‘Meaningful Content is King’.

At the same time, we are seeing backdoor updates¬† … specifically the devaluation of certain types of links mostly found on SAPE and third party networks. The reports of Google manual verifications taking place, zapping page rank and link value against promotional links – those found in headers, footers, and various types of paid links.

SEO is not dead, but this new update, in effect, helps to increase the relevancy of good search results for the end user.

Write meaningful content.

‘Keep it real’.