26 Apr 2012

Breaking: Google SEO Penalty Backlash

Photo Credit: Bill Silvermintz

With the recent news of the Google SEO Penalty for ‘Over Optimization’ reverberating throughout the industry, many SEO companies and webmasters alike have been up in arms over the unfair destruction and resulting losses of income on their upstanding, TOS-abiding white hat websites.

So, we may be first to call this the 2012 Google “W.H.O.O.P.S.!”

…that would be the “White Hat Over-Optimization Penalty Shocker!”

The latest wave of controversy has arrived on the heels of Matt Cutt’s discussions regarding SEO industry practices, black hat websites, techniques, and shady ranking practices. Unfortunately there will always be ‘good’ websites that get caught up in the algorithm changes … but ultimately Google has the gavel. What’s best for Google is not always best for everybody.

What can webmasters do? First of all, they would do well to check their rankings accordingly to ensure they haven’t been hit by the latest ‘improvement’. Thousands of sites, some reportedly making well over $4,000 a day, are now dealing with the resulting shock wave and its aftermath. It certainly begs the question to many … is SEO is even worth it?

Well … the answer is an even more resounding ‘YES!!!’ How’s that?

While the complaints over the latest change have turned the SEO market into one giant, pissed off line at the DMV, it’s also an opportunity to be seized since the market for SEO will naturally shrink in order to expand.

With that said, here at Neugardens.com we’ve been cruising right along, and in fact, a few of our clients have noticed improvements after the recent change. Some in fact have seen VAST improvements (ie., going from #77 to #12 overnight), and mainly because Google wants (and always wanted) high quality and high PR backlinks to your website. That means backlinks through legitimate marketing and social channels. While authority links are definitely harder to come by, this is precisely what makes them so valuable and why websites with smaller numbers of links pointing to them can easily outrank their competitors.

Breaking it down … it goes something like this:

1st tier: High PR + High Authority = High Quality
2nd tiers and beyond: Variable Quality + Quantity

It is this formula which has proven itself for us time and again … and has always been the case before the previous Panda changes took effect. There’s no real way around avoiding google seo penalties … and simply more fuel for the fire as to why we always stress that ‘organic’ is the only way to go:)

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