Holographic Acoustics

Since we have previously discussed resonance, let’s briefly touch upon another principle of sacred geometry. Sacred in how function follows form to give life to all of creation. The closer the structural geometry to the golden ratio, the greater the ability for the harmonic of that geometry found in the sound spectrum to acoustically sound and re-sound, and by way of perfect fractal compression and decompression which results in greater harmonic resonance.

In fact, sound may effect physical matter with such force as to literally create and destroy universes. Considering the beginnings in the Book of Genesis about creating through the Word, along with countless other creation myths like the Hindu Cycle of Creation. That the very Word of God ‘Alpha Omega’ creates a hologram!

Visualize that, if you will. Complete with interference patterns of standing light waves that intersect in a suspended matrix. Although the seeming chaos and white noise of static lines appears random, it becomes immediately observable when another source (Consciousness, The All) observes the static. Holographic universe theory lines up quite nicely with quantum physics, and experiments demonstrating that energy can neither be created or destroyed. That no matter how much of the hologram you destroy, all parts contain the whole. A rose is a rose is a rose.

With a growing archaeological record of ancient artifacts that seem to possess amazing acoustical properties, let’s watch what happens when one member of a Giza pyramid tour group starts chanting by himself. Listen as he sings inside the Grand Gallery of the Giza pyramid:



With this level of technologically advanced, acoustical precision, it’s no surprise that anti-gravity technologies would function by way of sound levitation; as a way to negate the pull of gravity upon physical matter. It is said that anti-gravity technologies may have allowed for building many of the antediluvian, or pre-flood monolithic structures.

So as we delve further into the hologram, we start to see clear parallels in the nature of light as it relates to the nature of vibration, and the nature of vibration as it relates to the structure of matter. In the 21st century, we’re already seeing holograms introduced for large events and marketing, functioning as catchy gimmicks. When we consider the nature of the hologram as simulacra, or as a simulation of movement in time? Then we can understand how holographic reality might occur within an even greater reality. That the illusion created by a flip-book of moving pictures simulates our perceived illusion of movement.



Consider for a moment, all of creation, made from interference patterns of standing light waves. The algorithms in this hologram seem to be ‘pliable’ based on the observer, and more specifically how the observer changes the very results of the experiments they observe (including the past and future!) as per the remarkable discoveries made during the double-slit experiments.

So there exists processes in creation that are both holographic and fractal in nature. Clearly, no coincidence that computer technologies connecting our world run on algorithms that function to recreate a simulation, a simulacra of its own. As above, so below; as within, so without. As we surpass ourselves technologically with the mass market production of ‘virtual reality’ headsets, consider the phrase technological singularity and how the role that artificial intelligence (AI) imitates the consciousness embedding in our third dimensional reality. For better, it can be said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and for worse, could be used for oppression as a counterfeit control mechanism.

Just recently, the CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk remarked on the nature of reality as a simulation. So while we see a rising level of consciousness running concurrently with technological expansion, there remains a truly grave concern for the human race, complete with cultural foreshadowing.

Threads of truth can be seen running through classic movies like the Schwarzenegger Terminator Series and lesser known films like Lawnmower Man . The latter movie originally dubbed ‘CyberGod’ but used Stephen King’s name and title to sell the film. Released in 1992, Lawnmower Man was a forerunner film before The Matrix series and other simulation plots helped to turn more science fiction stories into reality … today’s Occulus Rift device and VR head sets should really come as no surprise.

Whether purposely or not, note the parallels seen in the below video with flashing pentagrams and Saturnian symbols just before entering hyperspace. The hallmarks of someone recognizing the associations with Chronos, Father of Time also speak to a struggle between good and evil to control this third dimensional space time construct. Even more so how such technologies amplify the intent of the person controlling the construct. Does the heart rule, or will the mind? Is the content of one’s heart clear so that no darkness may enter? That only the penitent man may pass? Quite clearly this is why Christ says we must transform our hearts (the meaning of rePENTance), and remove all darkness from the soul before we may enter the Kingdom…

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To venture into high technological realms of playing God, our human ability to ensure proper responses to greater power will be the contents of the heart. When the enhanced, augmented version of a human being is formed, how exactly will it fathom the accountability or responsibility needed? Shouldn’t responsibility accompany the handling of greater power? The recognition of a greater Creator rather than being a god unto oneself? So when we speak about artificial intelligence, how do we really expect to program consciousness to understand the ramifications?

Artificial intelligence and genetic engineering have historic, biblical overtones that will truly again take center stage in the 21st century. If you’re looking for a good example, you only have to look at the parallels between CERN and the Tower of Babel. Why was the Tower of Babel built in a valley? Especially if it was meant to literally reach the physical heavens? Is the CERN particle collider a form of portal technology referenced in the movie Stargate? Based on the press releases given by CERN, the dramatic performances and symbology used all lend credence to the idea.

In fact there are plenty of biblical references for genetic engineering. Let’s first consider our modern understanding of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). How DNA responds to sound and light. We might picture DNA as a divine film strip created against Golden Ratio (try measuring the spacing between ‘junk DNA’ and see what you find)… or ‘Book of Life’. DNA is also represented by the Staff of Hermes, also known as the caduceus, a medical symbol showing 2 snakes spiraling in helical, intertwined fashion up an axis mundi, pole, or spinal column.

Staff of Hermes

Similarly, we can also reference the Old and New Testaments as a supernaturally encoded Book of Life. Rabbis who have spent entire lives studying Gematria and applied mathematical corollaries have in fact helped to accelerate the understanding of holographic embedding. Quite simply because the principle of embedding information in a hologram works in mathematically fractal ways.

The All, everywhere, within the sum of its parts, as reference to the Holy Spirit. Everything about us, contained within this living Book of Life that contains a Living Word; a sound vibration that sustains Life Through the Light and Sound of God. Embedded in this living book, we can find all manner of science, biology, numerology (as biblical gematria) astronomy, all Life itself embedding and calling itself to be self-realizing in real time. This is God’s laws written and alive in our hearts, that the Word Itself Is, in fact Jesus Christ, The Logos, The Vine, alive and written on our hearts.

For easy reference we can look to Meru Foundation and Stan Tenen’s work on the Hebrew Alphabet sequence. Some of the most notable takeaways show the embedding of self organizational principles, including embryonic growth, as divine sacred geometry affirming holographic reality.

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“To put a new seed capable of growing into a tree with new fruit inside of every fruit on the tree. Continuous self-embeddment … a model for hyperdimensionality.” – Stan Tenen

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For now, let’s just have a quick look at two very revealing verses in Revelation:

. . .

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” – Revelation 22:18-19

. . .

Note this is how the Bible ends … with the phrases do not add or subtract. As if to say our original DNA genetic blueprints are to remain intact. Yet as curiosity and the cat go, to refine the consciousnesss safely first from lead to gold is alchemical in nature. Only with reverence may we truly handle forces of creation that lie beyond our control.

With purity and noble intention, “only the penitent man may pass”. The current direction that transhumanism wishes to take humanity is clearly missing something. That sanctity of thought, word, and deed required to proceed without blemish before our Creator. To stake our future generations, putting them at risk with the monstrosities of ignorance by men of intellectual pride and hubris. Similarly as encountered in the generations before Noah, and even the ‘Sons of God coming into the daughters of men’, they made such mistakes. The creation by the Elohim of the Nephilim (‘giants’), and even as chimeras that stem from the experimentation. The familiar myths of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth, the Medusa, etc.

To proclaim benefits of biological enhancement through genetic engineering, yet ignoring the clear risks, we have the classic film “The Fly” starring Jeff Goldblum which spells out the ramifications for human experimentation (in a quite dramatic fashion). It is important to note the subject of GMO foods, that many are easily confused by the subject of hybridization vs. genetic modification. Slick ads will convince many that modification is harmless using hybridization explanations. The repercussion of ‘frankenfoods’ have yet to produce long term ‘fruit’, and it is a voyage into a highly unfavorable unknown if we believe we know better to edit the genetic blueprint.

Moving on, with the properties of a hologram in mind let’s establish that light and sound are, in fact, inseparable. Only appearing separate to our senses, the only detectable difference are revolutions per cycle, further quantifiable as cycles per second. We know that sound waves are technically lower and slower in wavelength C.P.S. than light waves. For this same reason thunder always arrive after the lightning, or jet planes overhead are followed by sonic booms.

So our five physical senses detect wave forms between certain frequency ranges per each sensory input. This limits the wavelength detection to a specific range in the EM spectrum (electromagnetic) of the known universe. While there are also different types of wave motions like longitudinal and transverse, this gets into electrical engineering and there are plenty of courses available on the subject to explore. For now, we’re laying some groundwork so let’s wrap this together with harmonic resonance and a live example.

In the following musical piece by Mozart, we can demonstrate a bright acoustic light based on the coherence of its geometric waveforms produced:



The cymatics demonstration in the video above shows the geometric coherence in the sounds being produced. In fact many of Mozart’s pieces were composed with knowledge of the Golden Ratio (1:1.618). So if you were to play this piece of music daily, what do you think would start happening in the body?

Let’s use a scientific analogy to describe the process occurring with the listener. Imagine a piece of jewelry undergoing ultrasonic cleaning. This is the result of an amplified vibration propagating through a fluid medium. Similarly, let’s consider an equivalent process of how the opera singer shatters a crystal glass when singing a resonant pitch. The principle of resonance in both scenarios is about creating a wave capable of cleaning dirt off of jewelry, or a wave that shatters the structure of crystal glass.

A fun experiment would be to record this process over time with a Kirlian camcorder to produce time lapse photography. Even more interesting would be to view real-time harmonic calibration of a human bio-EM field, literally watching our energy body as ‘jewelry being cleaned’ as a result of undergoing repeated ultrasonic baths. Certain hemi-sync audios, with repeated listens are essentially a form of ultrasonics.

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