Neuroscience of Free Will

Awareness Watching Awareness.

So we have been delving into the history of Eastern meditation practices lately … and if you continue on this path you will eventually cross paths with the phrase Awareness Watching Awareness. This the premise that you are observing everything about you from the detached perspective of not being you.

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That means, you are simply ‘I’.

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We have a natural tendency to identify with what we can see … our biology.

‘I am my arm.’

‘I am my thoughts.’

‘I am this or that.’

Instead, you might want to ask…

“Who is this ‘I’ that claims this to be MY arm?”

. . .

Perhaps then you would no longer identify yourself as being the 5 sensory receptors, or your feelings, or for that matter any of your thoughts. Everything that the former ‘I’ was claiming automatic ownership of.

Upon this realization, you may also realize your existence is only ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ as in Nowhere 🙂 … where you are perceiving the illusion of movement through time and space.

For those beginning the practice of meditation, the underlying premise of A.W.A. becomes helpful when you start brain training using proper harmonic frequencies.

Through entrainment, a ‘take no thought’ process is what trains the mind to clear out the conscious (alpha/beta) mind of all distraction, so you can begin to clear the subconscious mind of any ‘baggage’, if you will, while achieving deeper meditative states.

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“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” -Matthew 6:34

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If one ‘takes no thought’… they may soon realize the brain acts similar to an antenna which is constantly receiving and transmitting. Each of us have the capability to ‘tune’ in or out of frequency ranges like TV or radio channels. Modern science is beginning to understand this now (well at least from what the general public is informed about).

How many people believe they are the sole owners of our thoughts? This isn’t really a subject ever given much ‘thought’ so let’s be thoughtful about our thoughts, pun intended … since the research suggests this may not always be the case.

. . .

“Pay attention to what you are paying attention to.”

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Earlier, we discussed one of the greatest benefits of brainwave synchronization. That of the ability to retrain and re-pattern the subconscious mind. If you were to think about all the ‘programs’ you have running daily, you might begin noticing that while you have the physical brain acting as an antenna … you have the subconscious mind acting just like a tape recorder. Our subconscious mind plays a far more significant role in how we create and perceive our everyday realities than we realize.

The latest science involving brain scans shows how the subconscious is really more involved in our conscious decision-making … and believe it or not, maybe even more so than the conscious mind itself! For further reference: Neuroscience of Free Will.

Contemplate on that as long as you like, but how long do you think it might it take before the nature of free will is recognized?

Imagine what would happen if a majority of people became aware of this? 100th monkey + double slit = ?

A quote from a recent article dated January 8th, 2016:

“Could we soon ‘speak’ telepathically? Mind-reading computer deciphers words from brainwaves BEFORE they are spoken.”

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