Physics Behind Resonance

Terracotta Army

CC BY-NC-ND by Frank Kehren

Let’s picture a large army marching in lock step across a bridge. The more ordered their footsteps are when hitting the ground, the greater the resulting harmonic resonance and overall volume (decibel level) of their ‘stomp’.

This field effect would be further amplified, and felt, if the resonant frequency of the bridge itself so happened to be harmonic to the vibration of their footsteps while the army passed over it. The order, timing, and degree of pitch that is harmonically resonant to the bridge would amplify the resulting field effect further when measured as a whole.

Referring back to the snowflake photos, we are really observing the degree of structural geometry taken as a snapshot when water crystallizes into a solid state. It is essentially the measure of coherence. Interestingly enough the permutations between snowflakes can express coherence in an infinite number of patterns, just as each human being does in the world, and throughout history. As in the chances of any two snowflakes being the same is extremely rare.

Let’s zoom in on that snapshot. The precise moment when the degree of coherence is recorded against solid matter. That at this moment when water crystallizes into a solid … imagine a brilliantly resounding major chord being strummed at the same time. Harmonic resonance introduced by a perfectly harmonic major chord. As an experiment, the source might resonate from a perfectly tuned musical instrument.

Can you visualize it? Hear it? How would that level of coherence make you feel? If anything less than happy, you now have a gauge for your own level of discordance. An analogy being how much ‘dirt’ is on the jewelry of your body while it is bathed by an ultrasonic wave. If you are not harmonically resonant, you may find it beneficial to ‘tune’ up 😉

Taking the understanding a step further, visualize the sounding of this major chord as the same process of meditating on a mandala, having the same effect extended over time and via different sensory receptors. So as we consider the harmonic of feeling ‘happiness’, think how this harmonic might affect molecular structure. Both in the crystallized snowflake, and in your physical body.

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“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.” -Pythagoras

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In the upcoming article The Orchestral Analogy, we’ll relate this principle to a child who learns to play an instrument with daily practice. The ingredients of practicing daily, combined with a loving, harmonic environment that encourages exploration sustained over time will accelerate learning ability. Imagine how classroom instruction in this manner might guide children into following their bliss and using their natural gifts to benefit all.

As we study the cause and effect of harmonic resonance as applied vibrational waveforms throughout nature, and within the human form, certain truths become self-evident. First, we are mostly out of water. The original water prayer experiments around the turn of the millennium by Dr. Masaru Emoto were very revealing for a peek behind the power of prayer and our ability to send and receive them. Dr. Emoto established a basis for the effects of our feelings on the geometric structure of water in liquid form, both positive and negative.

The process of achieving greater harmonic resonance in your life begins with you. By training your conscious awareness to elevate itself and as a result, expand that awareness.

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